The Restaurant La Flor de Lis, of Grupo Vaquer, obtains a Solete Repsol

The Restaurant La Flor De Lis, Of Grupo Vaquer, Obtains A Solete Repsol

Recently the restaurant La Flor de Lis, from the Vaquer Group, has been awarded the coveted Repsol Solete. The news came unannounced, with no award ceremony or official announcement, leaving everyone surprised, including the chef at the helm, Rubén Martín.

The Soletes Repsol are highly respected distinctions in the culinary world, awarded by the Repsol Guide, internationally renowned for its criteria and objectivity when rating restaurants. Obtaining a Solete Repsol is an achievement that puts a restaurant on the gastronomic map, and is an indication that it offers exceptional culinary experiences.

La Flor de Lis, located in the heart of Zaragoza, has been gaining a growing reputation for its innovative approach to Aragonese cuisine, blending culinary traditions with modern techniques and creative presentations. Chef Rubén Martín, who leads its kitchen, has been instrumental in the transformation and success of the place.

The news of winning the Solete Repsol has been a great joy for the restaurant team as the Solete Repsol is a confirmation of the dedication of Martín and his team in the pursuit of culinary excellence.


The menu at La Flor de Lis is characterised by the use of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, respecting the tradition of Aragonese gastronomy but with a contemporary twist. Dishes such as the “Tataki Baturro” and its “fried artichokes” have been praised for their flavour and unique presentation.


The news of the Repsol Solete has led to an increase in demand for reservations at La Flor de Lis. Local diners and tourists alike are eager to experience the cuisine that has won this accolade.

There is no doubt that this Solete Repsol will be a milestone in the restaurant’s history and a boost for the future of Aragonese cuisine with a modern twist.

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