Flor de Lis claims one of the awards in the latest Gastronomic Route of Toro Meat

Flor de Lis, from Grupo Vaquer, has won the award for Best Pairing with Initio in the latest Gastronomic Route of Toro Meat. In an event that attracted over fifty establishments, this distinction adds to Vaquer’s excellence in their proposal.

Óscar Valenzuela from Las Moradas de San Martín and Miguel Ángel Vicente from Agencia Almozara presented the awards to the winners, highlighting the success and quality of the participants. Valenzuela praised the culinary level and the positive reception of novelties, such as the Albillo Real wines, awarded with a Gold Bacchus, and Initio, the latter being an organic wine in a Burgundy-style bottle.

The route, with the main sponsorship of Las Moradas de San Martín, had the collaboration of Bodega Carlos Valero, El Gastrónomo Zaragozano, and the Gastronomic Map of Zaragoza, achieving a high-level competition. Besides the award to Grupo Vaquer for their exceptional pairing, other awardees were Hábitat Sella for Best Menu, Restaurante El Chachirulo for Best Dish, Don Gourmet Oisi for Most Original Tapas, and Espacio Emboca as Best Tapas.

Grupo Vaquer celebrates this recognition in a competition where creativity and talent came together to elevate local gastronomy. Let’s raise a toast to their success in pairing excellence!

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