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Since the beginning of Vaquer Group history, which spans more than 50 years, our restaurants are a true symbol of the culinary richness of Aragon. Located in exceptional locations, they are based on the exquisite Aragonese gastronomy, where each dish is a sample of the love for our local ingredients and the passion for good food.


Our history began in 1958, on the road to Bujaraloz, with the opening of “El Español”, a restaurant whose purpose was to serve travelers who passed through the old Madrid-Barcelona Road, connecting Madrid and Barcelona.

Half a century later, the spirit of service and constant search for improvement continues to be the hallmark that characterizes all the restaurants and projects promoted by the Vaquer Group.


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Flor de Lis, from Grupo Vaquer, has won the award for Best Pairing with Initio in the latest Gastronomic Route

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Christmas holidays Dear Grupo Vaquer community! In this very special season, we want to share some important news with all

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The Restaurant La Flor De Lis, Of Grupo Vaquer, Obtains A Solete Repsol Recently the restaurant La Flor de Lis,

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Coinciding with a special occasion, and of a strictly personal nature, His Majesty the King of Spain, Don Felipe VI,

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Tajo Bajo  +34 976 29 59 64
El Español +34 976 17 30 43
La Flor de Lis +34 876 00 72 16
Santiago +34 976 29 86 28


Nuestra Señora del Pilar Square
50003 Zaragoza – Spain

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