Vaquer group

More of 50 years of experience in Zaragoza hospitality

The Vaquer Group consists of a large team composed of various professionals who combine their work, his talent and passion for hospitality. Led by the third generation of the family Vaquer Flordelis, where Louis, Teresa and Mark, manage and flag has a professional project reference in hospitality in the region of Aragon.

A group in constant pursuit of excellence in everything that involves providing better dining experience to its customers, where the combination of the quality of raw materials, the service offered and the atmosphere generated represents the common objective in all projects.

The restaurants have an offer and personality, offering different moments of consumption for all customers, with services ranging from cafeteria, brewery, buffet restaurant and celebrations for events and groups.

But without any doubt, the most important are the people who are and have been part of this group, who have managed to turn a dream into a reality and thanks to their work and daily efforts have enabled offering the best service to our customers for more than 50 years. Thank you to everyone for making this possible s!